Danny Byrd gets Room Sonics service

Drum and Bass icon, Danny Byrd, turned to Room Sonics to optimise the monitoring in his recently completed state of the art studio.

Having spent many years producing dancefloor classics and household D+B tracks in his studio in Bath, it was time for Danny to upgrade to a space where he could both mix and continue to produce comfortably, “In my former room I had to always mix in studios in London for the finishing touches which just became tiresome especially during the pandemic. I’d always wanted to build a dedicated room for all my audio toys!” explains Danny.

As well as an accurate mixing environment Danny needed a studio in his home that he could work in any time of the day without disturbing his family and turned to studio building specialists Audio Schemes for the design and construction requirements, “The main criteria was having a accurate acoustic environment so that anything I mix in the room will translate to the outside world perfectly! No more surprises during the car test. Also another big consideration was the sound isolation which I’m happy to say is stunning thanks to the Audio Schemes guys that built the room. I can work at 2am and not disturb the family one bit.”

With an acoustically high-performing and isolated space it was soon clear to Danny that the monitoring needed the same level of attention to integrate his Genelec 8351 optimally into the studio, “When the room was finally finished I just thought I could set up my speakers and away I go. But I soon realised I wasn’t getting the optimum performance from my speakers and that I needed to call the professionals in to align the speakers properly.” Danny confirms, “Just having the confidence after Chris from Room Sonics calibrated the speakers into the perfect place that I was hearing the room in the best light possible. The stereo image was spot on, and the bass felt much more solid and even. It was interesting, because I had the speakers not far off where Chris had placed them but the results were wildly different! I basically learned a good lesson, that I should always turn to the professionals first.”

I feel I now have a room to rival any of the big commercial studios”

Using a blend of acoustic measurements and critical listening, Room Sonics identified the optimum speaker and listening position, achieving the room’s naturally flattest frequency response possible and ensuring integration between monitoring and room was seamless in Danny’s new studio.

“It feels like the room is finally finished. The day after Room Sonics aligned the speakers, I did my first mixdown and everything sounded great and was translating perfectly! I feel I now have a room to rival any of the big commercial studios.” Danny enthuses on the final sound of the room, “I’d like to say a big thanks to Chris from Room Sonics for their excellent services in setting up my studio and to Nick and the team from Audio Schemes for building the great room!”

Not one to keep still, since completing the construction of the studio Danny has been busy working on more future classics in the studio, “I’ve just finished a remix for a dnb group called the prototypes that should be coming out very soon. Watch this space for more original music from me.”

To arrange your own studio monitoring calibration or onsite acoustic assessment contact Room Sonics today.