About us

Room Sonics was formed by Chris Allen bringing 15 years of audio expertise having served the global professional and high-end audio markets.

Splitting his career between market-leading brands Prism Sound and PMC Speakers Chris has specified, supplied and commissioned the finest audio equipment to some of the most discerning recording, mix and mastering studios, post-production houses, producers, engineers, artists and broadcasters around the world such as the BBC, Dean Street Studios, Abbey Road, Zhejiang Conservatoire, Studios 301, Tommy Vicari, Greg Wells and many more.

With an experienced ear for supreme sound, technical ability and an understanding of the modern-day professional workflow and private setups, Chris launched Room Sonics to serve today’s audio professionals and high-end domestic listeners with the mission to improve listening quality.

Phone: 07305 072276

Email: info@roomsonics.com